MUC-OFF eBIKE ULTIMATE KIT - Cleaning Kit Cleaning Kit 20525

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Stock arriving on the 12th May 2023
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The Muc-Off eBike Ultimate Kit has everything you could ever need to look after your electric steed. The kit contains two of our eBike specific lubes, that have been formulated with a unique eBike lubricity additive pack that laughs in the face of the extra torque, and can withstand a beating from even the most powerful eBike drivetrains! Combine that with a bundle of cleaner, cloths, brushes and protective sprays and you've got yourself a party!


  • eBike Dry Lube - 50ml
  • eBike Wet Lube - 50ml 
  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner - 1L
  • Drivetrain Cleaner - 500ml
  • HCB-1 - 400ml
  • MO-94 - 400ml
  • Microcell Sponge
  • Claw Brush
  • Two Prong brush
  • Soft Washing Brush
  • Microfibre Cloth
How To
  • Shake bottle vigorously
  • Spray Bio Drivetrain Cleaner all over the drivetrain including cassette, chainrings, chain and derailleurs
  • Leave for up to 1 minute and agitate with a Claw Brush where required. (If you are using with a chain cleaning device, unscrew the trigger sprayer and fill the device with the formula)
  • After agitation thoroughly rinse off with water making sure all of the formula has been removed
  • Rinse the entire bike
  • Spray Nano Tech Bike Cleaner over the bike frame and wheels and leave to soak for a few minutes before aggitating with a soft brush and rinsing with water
  • Now apply HCB-1 to the bike frame and any electrical components, such as the battery casing and motor. Remove any excess with a Microfibre Cloth
  • Allow the formula to cure for up to 24 hours for the best possible protection
  • Ensure drive chain area is dry
  • Apply a moderate amount of Wet/Dry Lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion
  • Wipe away any excess lube