MX1 Australia in conjunction with our product partner Acerbis has officially launched the Acerbis Rider Program for the upcoming 2019 season.

The Acerbis Rider Program (ARP) offers support to all levels of riders competing at Club, State or National events in Motocross, Freestyle, Off-Road, Enduro or Dirt Track racing.

The Acerbis Rider Program has been structured to support riders that will represent, promote and endorse the Acerbis Brand / Gear / Rider Apparel through their chosen discipline of racing.

This program will be limited to a small number of riders that will be selected by Acerbis Italia and MX1 Australia. We are looking for riders that will be passionate about representing Acerbis on and off the track in a positive and professional manner.

How It Works

Selected Riders will have the opportunity to earn Acerbis Points which are accumulated through the commitment of purchasing Acerbis Motocross Gear & Apparel.

The Acerbis Points will be of equal value to their purchases which can then be redeemed for any products of their choosing through MX1 Australia's Online Store.

To get involved please complete and submit the below form.

Submit your application today for the opportunity to be a part of the Acerbis Rider Program and become an #acerbisathlete!

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  • How many years have you been competing?
  • What type of motorcycle do you own/race?
  • What are your gear sizes?